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03 September 2009 @ 09:21 am
Internet: The Tasty Way To Do It  
So, some interesting results form the testing last night. Logged into the game as usual and started playing. No standing around, either, full-on running. Alone at first, later joined by bryce (which means more effects and more enemies), and later still we both switched over and joined cobie. Now, Skype was up and running, but I was not on voice, just text chat. Also, Ventrilo was not running. Call this a control run.

Now, I expect a certain amount of lag moments. It's a cable line, it's evening (more people online), and school just started here, so more likely for kids to be on since they couldn't during the day. And yes, there were a couple (only one which was really ugly, though). Apart from those? Smooth. Smooth and fine. Nothing I'd complain about. Once I logged off? Everything continued to work perfectly...and all this was while Dianna was streaming video to her machine at the same time.

Obviously, further testing is required before I make a real judgment call, but it does make me wonder. Comcast is doing something to Ventrilo (a multi-user voice-chat program), we've all but confirmed that. When I'm on it at night, things will be OK for a while, and then my own messages will be received very late by everyone else (though their messages get to me just fine). My game gets very laggy, and once I log off, hardly anything wants to connect properly, if at all. It seems, now, like Comcast is throttling me due to Ventrilo's presence, and that throttling is affecting the entire connection. No conclusions yet, gotta try running with the game and Skype voice chat as well, see what happens. If things are still fine then it's the Ventrilo thing, if it's ugly then it's a voice chat thing and I'm gonna have words with Comcast.

So, the situation continues. Next phase happens tonight.
Alessar: oopsalessar on September 3rd, 2009 05:18 pm (UTC)
Yeah Comcast sucks and...

I have a 1.5ish mbps DSL line, from AT&T, I run Ventrilo on my server with the highest quality speech codec, play city or guild wars AND have bit torrent with up to a 10k/sec upstream going and NO LAG outside of known lagfest events like during mothership raids.