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Demonoid Phenomenon

Well, we're back from the show...WOW.

OK, first off, The Damned didn't play. Something about them just up and going home...who knows. Zombie said he'd make up for it by playing a longer set...no complaints.

OK, opening band was Sinisstar. I'm not linking them, because they sucked. 'Nuff said.

Zombie had an incredible stage set...giant devil head, double screens, a dozen flame columns pulsing in time with the music, a great mix of both his solo albums and old White Zombie tunes. The Superbeasts made an appearance, as well as the Atomic Robot and the demon Pit Crew and the Living Dead Girls.

Ran into meowlet and etherpunk, which was very cool. Also met oracle2c...HEY!

YOu know what the best part is? I'll forever associate Rob Zombie's music with zombiedip, who, by my side the entire night, made the night a thousand times better...I will always be your Superbeast, my beautiful Living Dead Girl.

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