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Fighting Gets You Nowhere

Well, day has not exactly started wonderfully. Ended up in a pretty ugly fight with annathema667. Long story...doesn't matter now, it's over, and we worked things out and talked, and I think things will be OK. I'm sure there will be others who are gonna jump my case about the situation involved, but that is between me and them, and it doesn't matter anymore anyway. Short version is that I expressed my displeasure at something, and took a pretty derogatory tone about it, and that tone made it VERY unwelcome. Well, whatever. Important part is that we worked out our difference on it, and we are still friends....whcih I'm insanely happy about. And I am sending much good vibe and positive energy your way, TC...get better quick!

Friendship means everything. Don't forget that, kids. People come and go, lovers come and go, situations come and go...but true friends are forever. Don't forget that.

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