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Well, Fuck All This

Dammit. I have a whole new reason to hate this kidney stone.

A few days ago, I was contacted and offered a chance to help out with a film shoot this weekend. This was a very cool thing, both due to getting to work with edwardmartiniii again, and because I just love doing it. However, this fucking rock in my belly has been giving me shit the last day or two. I got to thinking about it last night while laying there and not sleeping, and the shoot is pretty far out from town, and Edward was already having to arrange a ride for me, there and back. That means I'd be there all day, both days (and they looked to be early-start-late-end kinda days), with no way home if things got ugly. I just can't ask a film crew, especially one I mostly do not know, to deal with that. It's not fair to the film. So, with a heavy heart, I let it be known I'd have to bag out...fuck.

Speaking of the little bastard squatter in my gut, I got hold of my advice nurse yesterday. I was hoping to talk options (like, maybe, break this fucking thing up and get it out of me), but they've decided that, for now, keep taking the meds and hang in there (these damn meds are expensive, man, I can't just do this forever...it was a stretch to get this prescription), and gave me a referral to Urology. *sigh*

Oh, Hell, as long as I'm rambling...Di said, last night, that she was sorta light-headed and it wasn't going away. Still that way today, bad enough she went and had some blood drawn to see if there is an issue. And, not to leave anyone out, Erik apparently had pain enough in his hand, arm, and leg that he was sick, and turns out he does have a fever. I hate to sound selfish, but damn, I really needed all this today.

This is one of those days where I wish I could either just turn my lights out, or have one or more of a very short list of people here to just curl up with me for either comfort or sexual reasons (preferably both).
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