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Sheesh. You know, I keep [info]urbanhunter for doing game write-ups, but I find that I never seem to get around to doing it, which means it spends large amounts languishing in silence. Mostly, it's just that I keep putting it off until I find that so many games have gone by that there's no way I can remember it all or it's just too daunting of a task for me (between the nerve damage and that fact that I don't touch type, long typing is a chore).

However, with yesterday's great start, I wanted to do it again. I do enjoy going back to re-read them, it's fun writing it up. So, I've spent all damn day typing up the narrative of yesterday's gaming. You who were in it might wanna read over at least your own parts, to make sure I didn't leave anything out. For anyone else, if you find yourself interested, feel free to bop over to [info]urbanhunter and check it out (first post of this game is here). This promises to be quite a game, quite a game indeed. There's at least three separate storylines going which should collide eventually. Looking forward to seeing how everyone handles their parts.

Hopefully, I can keep myself in the habit of doing it the day after a game, and maybe even add to it as new games start. It's good writing and memory exercise for me, as well as enjoyable for remembering good times.
Tags: gaming, writing

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