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Called the clerk at the Tacoma Federal Courthouse to see what I could do. Took a couple tries., but got to a human and asked for advice. She said to just fill out the form, state the financial hardship, and they'd defer me. Great, I said, but the rules state that I cannot get "unlimited deferrals" for financial hardships, so what would happen when they got tired of pushing me back? She said, next time I get the summons, to just do it again. and keep doing it until the 2-year cycle I'm on expires.

You gotta love government employees who tell you how to cheat the system.

On the outside chance, I asked if they could shift my service to Portland, but they cannot since i live in Washington. Seems to me that this is a federal level summons, so the state wouldn't matter as much, but it has to do with what district I live in, etc. Whatever, I guess; I tried. Filled out my form and it's ready to mail out, then I just have to wait and make sure they they do, in fact, defer me.

In other news, I go Thursday morning to the urologist, so they can figure why why this tenacious bastard of a kidney stone won't vacate my body. This means a drive in morning rush hour traffic down through Portland. Needless to say, this makes me less than happy. As long as I'm complaining, what else? Dianna's machine is slowly but very surely dying. Dunno when I'll have the cash to replace it (it's old, anyway). I'll definitely put off a couple things I want to get that done, which is good but means longer waiting for me. I've cut my food intake and I'm still walking, so I'm trying to make myself not watch for weight loss (watched pot syndrome). Couple other (minor in the grand scheme of things) situations that I'm just at a standstill about, not sure how to proceed or whether to bother.

Lot of my friends are dealing with shit that is ten to a hundred times more important and life-shattering than I am, so I try not to complain. Just had to get that out.
Tags: frustration, fuck the government, kidney stone blues, whining

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