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So, at the last minute, Di and I managed to throw together some costumes. Di found an animal print dress at Goodwill for a couple bucks and made a passable cavewoman outfit. I wore my leather vest with a chain, my cheap-ass "executioner" mask, carried an axe and chained the flogger to my arm so it hung right at hand level, and went as a torturer.

Picked up Mimi and Jasso and headed over to matrixleap's place for his Halloween party. Got there early to hang out with him and herince_emyn before people really showed, and just generally goofed off. Met several new people and hung out with all the old friends...it was good to see everyone, I miss being around people.

Sadly, we left out pretty early. Mimi and Jasso were ready to go, and since we were their ride...*shrug* Just sucks because, for a change, Dianna's social issues were nowhere to be seen. As for me, well, I hardly get out and rarely see people, so it was damn nice to just be around a group of friendly faces, hanging out, relaxing, having a good time, just talking and laughing and generally being social. I really had no desire to leave; if I'd have had any way to get home later, I'd have stayed, but being clear up in Vancouver, I knew no one would be going that way. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and it was great seeing everyone.

Now, to plan for today's Kult game. Normally would have been yesterday, but what with Halloween and all, we postponed it to today.
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