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I know some really nifty people. Some have amazing skills. Others are just wonderful people. They all combine into that wild crew that I call friends, and they do some of the coolest things. For instance, there's my friend Mazi. You can find her blog at Mazikeen.com. Where to start on Mazi's coolness is a tough job. If nothing else, she's easily the foremost expert on geisha knowledge of anyone I've ever met, and has met and learned from many of them for a long time. Her photography is beautiful. She and Duke (her husband) moved from the States to Japan not long ago, and she's completed the 88 temple pilgrimage of Shikoku. And she's just one of the most fun and beautiful people I know. I was lucky enough to get to meet her and Duke in person a few years ago, and yes, she's been captured throwing the horns with me.

I bring her up today because she's decided to throw a contest ion her blog, and I want you all in on it. This month's contest is "Sweets for the Sweet". The prize is odd bits of Asian candy, and who doesn't like candy? The more of us that get in on the contest, the larger the prize package gets, and all you have to do is comment at her blog a couple times. Easy, huh?

Bop over to the blog post about the contest to get the skinny and see the prize candy. C'mon, get with it.
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