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Busy Weekend

- Friday: frickin' amazing steaks for dinner at moonchylde and worshipthesnake's place. Always good to just hang out for dinner and convo with friends.

- Saturday: picked up the Casa ladies and headed to sandra_e's place for Bad Movie Night. Quite a rowdy little bunch of us finally congregated there for Robot Monster and Inseminoid: myself and swanwhite, of course, plus the aforementioned typsie, saofoir, and praenomenal, joined by matrixleap, daemonwise, and sandra_e's friends Theresa, Nick, and Corrine (hope I spelled that right, dunno if there are associated LJ names). Among the copious potables imbibed was a bottle of the port wine I made so long ago and given as a house-warming gift to the Casa. There was just never the right occasion to open it, and this seemed perfect. I gotta say, that stuff aged AMAZINGLY, it was smooth, sweet, and absolute perfection. And I still have those last two bottles I've been hoarding...

- Sunday: Clean up the house, and then head back over to sandra_e's place for my first session joining the Ravenloft game. Looking forward to it, too; I ran Ravenloft for years back in Memphis, so it'll be nice to be on the other side of the screen for a change.
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