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It's Alive, ALIVE....Wait, No It's Not.

swanwhite's computer has been slowly but surely dying over the past year. I've never been able to figure out what the issue is, it just runs slower and slower, no matter what I clear up, clean out, or modify. Most recently, though, the connection to the network was dropping in and out (and my machine was fine, so it was not a router/modem issue) and now no longer connects to it at all.

Well, the thing is a good five years old, at least, and it's served well. thus, it's not a terrible thing to use it as an excuse to et her a new machine. After some discussion, we've decided that she'd be better served having a laptop instead of a desktop machine, so now we get to do the "how do we afford it" thing (I think we may have figured out a way, thankfully). I still want to pick up a decent netbook for my communications, but that can wait for now.

Meanwhile...well, as long as it's disappearing, I'm going to go for broke, wipe the system, and do a fresh install. Worst case scenario, it's still fuckered, no great loss. Best case, this will fix it. In that case, I'll give it to Erik so he can type up reports for school, etc, though it won't be 'Net connected for now.
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