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Pain, Death, and Food

24 hours. Just 24 hours until they take this stent out of me and all this bullshit is over. Spent most of yesterday sore, and still a little residual soreness today; I think my body agrees that this thing needs to be gone.

Brittany Murphy, dead at 32 I know, no cause of death has been released, but there were a lot of rumours of drug use over the years, and really, heart attack at 32? There's a tiny chance you had some terrible heart condition but, most likely, you were doing something really bad for you. Too bad, too, I always thought she was attractive, and the few roles I saw her in, I enjoyed.

Ate like a king last night, once again due to daemonwise's amazing culinary skizznils. Candied beef, apple/onion/garlic mix, baked potato-style mashed potatoes, and spiced wine. Good GOD, it was only sheer willpower that made me stop eating.
Tags: food porn, kidney stone blues, r.i.p.

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