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OK, one shower and a pain-free pee later, I'm in a much better frame of mind. Now I can start to laugh at things:

- I think they save the less-attractive nurses for these kinds of procedures. The last two times I was in Doc's office, the nurses were attractive...hell, the last one was downright HOT (nothing like being pants-less in a small room with the door closed while a really sexy nurse bends over in front of you...yay for self-control). Today, though, when I have someone handling the equipment, it's a homely little woman. Probably smart, I guess, just an observation.

- Congratulations, visitors to my house can now play with something that has been through my cock. Aren't they just lucky!

- This was the first time I've been full-frontal in a room with other people all focused on my package, and it was completely non-erotic.

- If I wasn't sure exactly where my prostate was before, you better believe I can pinpoint the little bastard now. This should come in handy as I age, I'm betting.

- Honestly? Now that this is over, all I want to do is drink and fuck. A lot. Just call me Titus Pullo!
Tags: kidney stone blues, random silly

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