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- Oh, MAN, did it feel good to sleep through the night. A little dull soreness in my throat, neck hurts (probably from sleeping funny), but that's it. Almost over this shit...sadly, looks like Dianna is coming down with it, now.

- Tell you what I'm really tired of: "(*adjective*) (*noun*) is (*adjective*)". You know what I'm talking about. "Tired guy is tired", "random pictures are random", "sad panda is sad", etc. Do I really have to explain why this is annoying? Redundancy isn't funny anymore when it's, well, constantly redundant. It's played out, move on to the next stupid turn of phrase, willya?

- Yes, I know there were no Friday Pix last week but, seeing as how it was Xmas, I figured most people would be occupied (I know I was). I'll make a Friday Pix post tomorrow, though, be assured.

- Have no plans to go out for New Year's Eve. Even if I had plans before, I doubt Di is going to feel up to going out. This gives me a chance to log in and see the end of Townston in Dungeon Runners, which is supposed to actually blow up. Nice way to end an MMO, in my opinion.
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