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Good Morning...Or, Rather, It Isn't One

Oh goody. Well, let's see. Knowing that I had to go back to work today, I planned on getting to bed wth plenty of time to sleep, so I'd feel as good as I could today. Since I've basically done nothing for 2 days, I had plenty of energy, and after watching "Mad Max", I settled in to bed. That would have been about 1am...plenty of sleep time before the 8am alarm.

Or so I thought.

velvetacidgrrrl called about 1:30, to let me know she was safe in town...no problems, I asked her to call, and I wasn't asleep anyway. turned out the lights, turned down the streo, and settled in...thus beginning the longest night I've had in a while. Heat on, heat off, covers on, covers off, clothes on, clothes off, tossing and turning, attempting to find a comfy spot, noisy or quiet, and never sleeping for more than a few minutes at any given moment. Tried reading until I was tired...nope. Tried pacing...nope. Tried meditation...nope. By 5am, I was so fed up Ieven tried doping up on cold meds to get woozy...nope. So, 6am, I gave up, got up, took a shower, figured what the Hell.

Oh, look...NOW I'm tired.

It's gonna be a long day...(*sigh*)

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