God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Game Rant

Whether it's WoW, CoH, or any other MMO...don't get all the way to the end boss/AV of a dungeon/raid/strike force/whatever and then leave. The party breaks up, and if the game WILL allow you to invite others, no one wants to join for just one fight.

Just ran my Gnome Warrior (Shinshanker) though Shadowfang Keep. Our tank was a bit of a putz, but we held out OK. All the way through the damn wolf-infested old castle we tore, and screwed up the aggro in the final room. Not badly, mind you, just misstepped. The Rogue leaves. The Druid/tank leaves. The Paladin leaves. Me and the Priest are left holding the bag. *sigh* Sometimes, man, sometimes...

Seriously, don't fucking do it.

Yes, that sword is bigger than he is, and that's an old pic, he's using a 2-handed axe these days. Here's another pic of him hanging out in Ironforge on his Mechanostrider (he's an Engineer, so it's appropriate).
Tags: mmorpg, rant

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