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Friday Pix

Overslept, sorry...here come the Friday Pix!

Kinda looks like something out of Myst

Oh, good, I was wondering where it was. Looks like everything gets outsourced...

Hey, no one likes a cold crotch.

He's fine, as long as he doesn't have to get up.

Let's hope they keep things separate.

A fabulous Davros of the Daleks, done as a snowman by speedingslug

"That's it, I'm out of here."

Thanks, we really needed to see your soiled boxers...and everything else...

Yeah, I suppose crapping yourself would add some warmth...

Um, I think I'll pass.

Looks like a comfy, relaxed evening.

"I'm scared, hold my hand?"

That's one way to keep your soda cool.

"While he's not looking...almost got it..."


Hmm...well, it's a niche market, but they might do really good business.


OK, hope it put a smile on your face. Sorry for the delay, my system has been acting up for a couple days. Also, no signature at the end this week; I think it's time for a new signature graphic. Have a great weekend!

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