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Small Victories

So, yeah, I love my new toy. Hell, just knowing I can run IM on it and thus, not have to Alt-Tab in and out of my games to carry on convos is a huge bonus, much less being able to have Skype and IM away from the main machine...yeah, good stuff. Only two minor issues, and one I've already handled.

First thing I noticed was that the power plug would not stay in the jack very well. It felt loose, and if jostled, would lose power connection. Obviously, this was annoying. I noticed that I didn't feel it 'click' into place, like I thought it should, so I wondered if I had a bad jack and would have to have it replaced. After doing some forum crawling this morning, though, I gave it another try, and, lo and behold, I'd just not pushed hard enough for it to click. I guess I was just being overly careful; at least I know this is not an issue anymore.

Other thing I noticed last night was that I kept getting the taskbar tooltip about the wireless connection being connected, as if it was dropping and reconnecting. No idea why it would be having these issues, as the signal strength was always excellent (only once did it show as less than that, and pulling it up, it had jumped back to excellent), which makes sense since I was maybe 10 feet from my router (Di's laptop was not having this issue). I don't recall ever seeing that yesterday while it was on my desk, though, which makes me wonder if the fact that the direct line between the netbook and the router was through my TV (which was on at the time). Magnetic fields, maybe? Testing this further in other places, TV off, other networks, etc., should give me some answers.

Off to finish the LotR thing in an hour. Nothing going on past that, today...anyone up for a one-off game tonight? Gots ta get my game on...
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