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Seems Slovak authorities wanted to test their own airport security. Hey, you want to know it works, right? OK, so, how to do this? Well, they came up with a really novel idea: they planted explosives on 8 passengers to see if they'd get caught.

Now, that's bad enough, but the story is just screaming for a 'Twilight Zone' ending, isn't it? Don't worry, you get one: one of the 8 was not caught and got on the plane. When he arrived in Dublin, they caught him and arrested him, and it took three days for Slovak authorities to get hold of the Dublin police and admit their actions. Poor guy is in jail for three days over this. Ludmila Stanova, spokeswoman for Slovakia's ministry of the interior, says Dublin airport was warned to expect a person carrying explosive samples, and that the passenger was also alerted after his arrival. "He was supposed to wait for the police to take the sample from him. But for us, it is incomprehensible why they took the person into custody when they knew it was just a sample and just part of training," she told the BBC World Service.

For the record, the explosives were not attached to any essential bomb parts and there was no danger. Still, what part of "let's slip explosives into the luggage of a bunch of passengers without their knowledge" sounded like a good idea?
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