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Gamers Help Haiti

DriveThruRPG, a website that specializes in PDF gaming supplement sales, has a deal going right now that is, well, downright crazy. Called Gamers Help Haiti, it works like this: a $20 donation towards helping the efforts of the Doctors Without Borders Haiti Earthquake Response gets you over a thousand dollars worth of gaming material.

Yep. $20 to help Haiti = $1,481.31 worth of RPG downloads.

Now, let's be honest, you aren't going to find D&D 4th Ed. on this list, nor any other huge names. Those are big corporate guys who don't let anything out of their hands for free. However, there IS a lot of stuff, and if you're like me, you can find all kinds of things on the list that you can use somewhere in some form or another. Hell, my cart came to over $500 when I was done going through the list...and all it cost me was the $20 in donation, which I was happy to give, anyway.

Seriously, could NOT pass this up.
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