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- Ran around like crazy Saturday morning, trying to get done all the things i needed to get done before the Kult game. Got most of it done, though forgot a few things at the store and didn't get much done on my DriveThruRPG downloads, but no worries.
- Kult went pretty well. Players got a little bogged down, but made up for it by getting to the moment I wanted to get to, just about at the time I wanted it, letting me cut the game at a wonderfully ugly moment. I'll get [info]urbanhunter updated at some point, I promise.
- Grabbed some food and headed down to the Casa de Doom for a 'Big Lebowski' thing. Watched the film, drank White Russians, then we did a first read-through of several scenes from "Two Gentlemen of Lebowski"...did I mention that we are planning on doing a stage reading of this? I'm reading for Walter. Good times and much laughter was had by all, which reminds me of something I promised I'd do...

- Awoke early. Plans for the day included a lot of relaxation, more of the downloads, some WoW, and general kick-back until 3-ish.
- 10am, Di gets a call from the head of Bad Girls; they need some help moving one of the group into a new house. Since we were picking up Erik early, she didn't think we'd have time, but I said we should be able to do it, no problem. This ended up being 2 1/2 straight hours of bending, stooping, carrying, shoving, shifting and lifting (the last half hour of which was mostly me). Still, I was happy to help out, and glad we went. Good times, some laughs and puns, and lord knows I needed the exercise.
- Back home by 1, figuring I still have some time. Oops, forgot I'm letting herince_emyn borrow Silent Hill 3 (she's hooked on the series and has become a huge fan). Sit down for a few minutes, grab it, head over to their pace to drop it off. Hang out there for a few, come back, get a few downloads done.
- Quick shower, come out to a message about installation problems. Oops, forgot that it's a little tricky. Dressed and back over there where matrixleap and I start to tech it when the fix doesn't work. In the end, turns out it's Vista being bitchy, which is no surprise.
- Done there just about the time Di calls and says that daemonwise has arrived to pick me up for the night's game at sandra_e's place. Grab my bag and go.
- Game.
- Back home in time to see Di before bed.

...well, so much for getting anything I'd planned done. ;) I'm sore today, but not badly. Gotta get laundry done, and more of those downloads, and a few other incidental things...and it'd be nice to get some WoW time in, somewhere.


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