God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

No Movie, Bah

So, I know a bunch of us were down for the movie this Thursday. I got a little weirded out when I checked the website and did not see the film listed. I called the theatre office and they do not have it on the schedule, but were curious as to why it was on the e-mail. I've now sent word to the theatre director asking what's going on, and if we can expect to see the film at a later date or what. Regardless, at this point, it seems that the Thursday film is now off, and not happ'nin'.

Damn. I was looking forward to that.

EDIT: Got my answer. Seems that there was a schedule change, and the film is playing elsewhere (Living Room Theaters, for the curious). Of course, that means instead of $6.50 to see it at the Hollywood, I'd have to pay $12 to see it there, and that is not gonna happen. Twice as much? I think not, I'll take that $12 to the Hollywood and get my movie, my popcorn, and my soda, and feel like I'm supporting something I care about.

If y'all go, let me know how it is.
Tags: bad news

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