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Well, What A Day...And It Ain't Over Yet

I thought I was gonna have something really special to add to my BMAD party. A friend of mine has started making his own mead, and gives me a bottle whenever he makes a new batch (advance payment for the website I'm doing for him). Not a bad deal...hell, I've worked cheaper!

So anyway, a bottle arrives at my desk today, I'm thinking "Great! I'll save it for the party!" and I go about my day. Right in the middle of a call, the cork pops violently out of the bottle (exploded would be closer to the truth), slamming a metal shelf and generally scaring the ever-lovin' SHIT out of me. I have to put the bottle on the floor, to stop the overflow hitting all my paperwork. My cubicle ended up smelling like a brewery for the rest of the day...very yeast-y.

It stops, eventually, and I shove the cork back in it...20 minutes later it happens again! I decided at that point that the mead did not want to be in the bottle, so caliban and I finished off the entire bottle for lunch.

Not bad as far as lunches go.

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