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Wasted Weekends

OK, so I didn't do a single thing this weekend that I intended to do. Saturday was supposed to be a big BBQ for all the LJ users in the Seattle area, and Sunday was a company picnic at the zoo, not to mention we were gonna go to the clubs either Friday or Saturday.

Friday night, against my emotional state at the time, we went and shot pool with Ronnie, Scott, Brandon, and some of their friends. I was in a very apathetic mood, but we ended up having a pretty good time, even if I was playing terrible. That one corner pocket, i swear it was cursed...at least a dozen shots on that one pocket, over several games, and not a damn one of them sunk.

Saturday, well, we got to watching movies, and decided to skip the BBQ. Luckily, seattle_party is talking about another one, so I'll have to make that one.

Sunday, we slept late and decided to blow off the company party and go see Kiss Of The Dragon. If you like Hong Kong action films, kung-fu movies, and the like, you'll love it. Jet Li beating the snot out of a room full of cops in martial arts outfits and weilding jo sticks...fun fun fun for everyone!

So, here it is Monday again, and another wasted weekend, work-wise. Gotta finish TC's photo area on the Anna Thema site tonight. This also means I have to avoid her until then, since it should have been done! *LOL*

One down thing...in an effort to kinda free up some of my time, I stepped down as Head of Graphics for 'Web Goths'...I didn't really want to, but I have little enough time as it is.

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