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Friday Pix

You know, this would have been posted nearly an hour ago, but I got distracted. My apologies...onward!

...and still growing.


Rockin' Kitten

This guy is thinking of the fastest way to divorce his wife.

Not so lucky after all

"Thank you for flying Raptor Airlines."

Yeah, that'll be a great baby pic to look back on and reminisce.

Not all Crazy Cat Ladies are the same.

Science managed to cross-breed a dog and...a Koosh Ball.

Bridge To Nowhere

Hawk Deathmatch Smackdown!

"I am king, bow down to me!"

Well, former ninja, perhaps.

Isn't your hair supposed to be under the wig?

Maybe Twittering about your new baby isn't as important as actually holding the new baby...

Well, that's good to know.

Even mannequins get wedgies.


You can get up now, I think it's safe.

Worlds meet

There's a fairly adult joke in this, somewhere.


Baby's got The Fear...

Hmm, I never thought about doing rope bondage on a car.

So, forecast for snow looks good.


OK, cats'n'kittens, have a great weekend. Me, I'll be at a concert Sunday night, a good, loud metal show that Di and I are taking Erik to for his birthday. Man, I'm getting old...
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