God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

I am already on record for having taken Erik to his first rock show. Last night, I got to be part of his first live show at a real venue. For his birthday present, we took him to see Five Finger Death Punch at The Roseland.

Suffered through three opening bands to get there. It's a sad state of affairs when you wouldn't be able to tell them apart if you closed your eyes. Seriously, they all sounded alike...looked alike...acted alike...talk about your cookie cutter bands. I swear, they even all said the same things between songs. If nothing else, all these guys need to learn how to mix their sound. Nothing to make you stand out + can barely actually hear what you're doing due to way too heavy bass'n'growl = Snoozeville. Could have done without them completely.

5FDP, though, yeah, worth the wait. Right off the bat, they need to all go give their sound guys a big round of applause, because the music was very well mixed. Nothing stood too far out, everyone was clear. They had a lot of stage presence, they knew how to work the crowd (and I'm talking more than the standard "WHAT'S UP (*INSERT CITY NAME HERE*)", and they put on a damn good show. The opening bands could learn a lot from them, and I hope they do (especially God Forbid, because I have a feeling they could have been a lot better if I could have heard them).

Best moment of the night: about halfway through the show, the lead singer starts saying "uh oh", and walking to stage right. Turns out, there's a six-year-old girl in the crowd, sitting on her grandfather's shoulders. They bring her up on stage, made a huge fuss over her, and let both of them hang out up there for the next song. It was easily the cutest thing ever, watching this adorable little blonde waif rocking out to hardcore metal (and, apparently, this was her second show ever...Granddad is a seriously cool guy).

I can only halfway hear today, but it was good to get out and rock. Gotta start doing more of that, again.
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