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As usual, not much id going on at my place. I've been in a slightly odd headspace, but that's not something that affects my daily dealings with most people. Dianna's been sick since Friday, so has spent the weekend (and the days since) feeling rotten. Too bad, too, since I barely saw he last week, and ever since, she's been down with this crud. I know she'll be happy to get over it, and so will I.

Started up a new D&D game Sunday. Low-level, short, a lot more linear than what I normally run. There's a reason for this, though: we're introducing herince_emyn to D&D. Yes, we're quickly turning her into a gamer geek, just like the rest of us. It's so cool to watch them grow up! I'm having an additional bit of fun with this game, though: since Erik just turned 14, I decided to give him another chance at gaming, and he's playing too. I think he's digging getting to play with the "big kids', and so far, he's doing pretty good. he's still pretty quiet and passive, but not as much as I'd thought he'd be, and he's asking some smart questions and being involved. He's playing a sword-wielding fighter, and is already asking about playing a ranged character next. That's my boy!

Looks like my ankle is finally starting to quit hurting, thank the Maker. Means I can get back to walking in a few more days. Happily, I'm holding steady, weight-wise, so that's good. had a bit of a coronary the other day when the scale showed me four pounds heavier, but it dawned on me that I was clothed and I'm usually not when I weigh myself. Crisis averted. Now, if I could just figure out why my right eye is unfocused and watering so bad today...

In WoW news, Warforge hit 70; he really is a little dervish of death. Ran a couple dungeons with the guild yesterday and had a blast. Having a good team behind you makes things better, having them be friends makes all the difference (to which my fellow members of CoH's 'Team Awesome' can attest!).
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