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Weekend Update

Another weekend of stuff. dravengodvamp was down here again, and will be around every couple of weekends for a while, which is cool.

Saturday was a Seder celebration at bellybalt's house, hosted by herince_emyn. It was something I've never participated in, obviously, and we all goofed around and had a blast. Good times with good food and good friends; you know that's my idea of the way to spend the day. matrixleap and I were not able to get our bizarre addition to it all together in time, though. Seder sounds like Satyr...draw your own conclusions. ;)

A late night of drinking and talking with Doug followed. Between that and some convo the next day, he gave me a few things to think about, which was good, i needed that. Hopefully, it'll help me make a couple changes.

In WoW news, Warforge hit 80. Yay for me. Not jumping right to a new character yet, though, there are still things I want to do with him.

For now? Back to normality.
Tags: a day in the life, friends, musing, warcraft

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