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Warforge the Explorer (Warcraft-related)

Warforge, being a gnome, likes to discover new things. In his many flights between Auberdine and Everlook, he saw a small village full of trolls below him in a secluded valley. Unlike the normal, angry trolls of The Horde, these seemed happy, peaceful, relaxed.

As he grew in power and moved on to Northrend, he forgot about them. When Brann Bronzebeard congratulated his efforts with the Tabard of the Explorer, though, he remembered the village, and was determined to see it. Today was that day.

(For the non-WoW players, there is a village full of dancing trolls that is technically not accessible to players...unless they are sneaky and determined...)

*Click for larger*

The trolls were fairly neutral to my presence, but were hospitable for all that. They struck up the drums...

...and we all danced for hours. Man, such Stamina!

I was beat after that party, so I had a small rest and snack out on the lake.

The lake is fed by this towering waterfall (and yes, to get in here, I had to jump down that thing...thank you, cloak with Flexweave Underlay!)

My strength returned, and I tried to get to know this reclusive tribe better. This shaman of the Shatterspear Tribe showed me a sacred cave with giant tablets inside, but I was unable to translate the runes on them.

Eventually, the day waned, and while the village was beautiful, it just wasn't technical enough for a gnome like me. Besides, I wasn't here to stay, merely to visit. I let them know that the Explorer's League would be honored to learn more of them, if they ever chose to join the world outside, and pointedly did NOT mention the Horde. The village elders seemed skeptical that the outside world had much for them, but agreed to consider it. I took one last look over the lake...

...and then, just to show off, activated my Wormhole Generator right in middle of the village. What an exit! I'm sure they were impressed. Sure, I ended up on a precarious peak in Icecrown staring right at the mighty Orgrim's Hammer, but the TROLLS didn't know that. Besides, it was fun to buzz the Hammer as I left in my Turbo-Charged Flying Machine.

(When the next big expansion goes live, this place will actually be reachable by normal means. I just wanted the bragging rights of being able to say "I was there before it was a tourist spot." Now, to find a way up to that airfield over Ironforge...)
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