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Finally Home

Grabbed the boy early today and headed out to the farm to see the in-laws. I knew that there'd be some computer-fixing work for me. I didn't know there'd be more...

So, get there, relax a bit and catch up, and dive in. Yeah, the main problem turned out to be fairly simple, just not intuitive. There were some other small issues that, admittedly, I should have fixed months ago and didn't; they took a little more work to dig out, but I got them and felt pretty good about it.

A fabulous lunch, as always. Ham, sweet potatoes, spaghetti salad, green bean casserole, peach pie and some kind of small cake. I'm not allowed to diet when I go there, I just don't even try.

Come to find out, there's wine to be bottled, and they want my help. I don't mind, I kinda miss doing the wine-making. We get out to the wellhouse, though, and the well filter is leaking and the floor is a small lake. We thought there were potentially larger problems, but in the end, it turned out that Steve (my brother-in-law) had changed the filter yesterday and not tightened it all the way. Wimp...OK, fixed that, in to the wine. 6 gallons of Wildberry Shiraz to be bottled (that's 30 bottles), and, oh darn, Steve shoved a cork clear down into one of the bottles, gee, guess we better go ahead and drink that one. Well, Ray's had his wine for the day and Steve can't drink, it was up to me to take one for the team. Bad of me, I know, but tasty bad.

I'm beat, man. Shouldn't be, but I am.
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