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...Me and several others were at a restaurant/club. We went to leave, and got to the front door where a short, dark-haired guy behind glass was giving us back our checked items. I had a sword, and he'd kicked the blade. Di had a diamond ring with a huge stone and the stone had come out of the setting. He gave me back my leather jacket which was the wrong one (I'd come in a trenchcoat, and he gave me back a short jacket. I made him come out, and immediately grabbed him by the neck and hair and started a blitzkrieg of invective. The guy was freaked out, scared. I walked him backwards across the floor, tearing him up verbally, threatening all kinds of things. I was PISSED. This went on far longer than it should, including my giving him 10 seconds to find my correct jacket or else I was going to, in the immortal words of R. Lee Ermey, gouge out his eyes and skull-fuck him. Tough for him, he didn't find it and I did. He was in tears, trying to go back to his job, and I dragged him off, apologizing to a table full of older people that were here for the next show. I asked him what his manager would think if he heard about his incompetence. The guy dejectedly moved a curtain aside to show me the way, and I relented, saying that I wasn't going to say anything this time, but that if I ever heard of anything like this happening again, I was coming down here to cause him untold amounts of agony. At this point, the manager walked up, turns out I know them. I played it off as a little thing, and as the manager (a short, older woman) and I walked out, she said "You made that boy cry." I answered "He needed to cry. It was good for him."

Outside, Di had the car on and ready to go. The others we had come with were around (the parking lot was almost empty). A few spaces over, someone had pulled up with a trailer full of girls who were doing a half-assed job of cheerleading, kinda, but not putting a lot of energy into it. I walked around the car, and saw a couple of tiny green aliens that looked like something out of a Pixar film. As I looked down on them, the boots I was wearing seemed to have glowing feet on them, so I playfully stomped around, not trying to crush them, just freak them out. I got in the car and we left.

We came to a railway crossing, and the light changed to let a train go by. Di was annoyed, because she knew it would take a while. Other cars did what they usually do, and got into the intersection out of some thought of needed to be somewhere, bocking traffic One small vehicle started out looking like a coffin on wheels, but turned out to be a small shack on wheels with bunny ears (don't ask, man, I don't know). As it eased up on the train, part of a huge train car lifted up and the vehicle passed under. Other sections were also sliding up and down, and many of them held old houses, one of which fell into the bushes. Immediately, a couple horses showed up and started trampling it into the overgrowth. We figured this must be some way they were getting rid of old houses. Another small car tried top get under the train and crashed. As the train paused and lifted again, We decided to go on, and passed it just fine.

Di took the right-most lane and started to drive vertically up the side of an immensely tall but old building, and I asked "why are we going this way?" For whatever reason, I was scared out of my wits. We fell off the building, though visually, I was watching a locomotive falling off and crashing in a ditch. We were fine, and she took another road, seeing as how I was still shaking with the aftereffects of fear. She asked what the next cross street was. As it was Liquor Street, we decided to go on, but the road became a dirt one after that, so we took the next turn, headed home.

I woke up, still shaking a little.
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