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Friday Pix

LJ Scrapbook seems to be a tad bitchy today...again...so had to host these on Di's website for a change. Still the same great taste, though!

If you need me, I went this-a-way...

I want a bunch of skullgrapes to hang on my new back porch!

Stickin' it to The Man.

You lose something?


"My Daddy? He's a cowboy, I think, or a policeman!"

Roofing, not an issue. Yardwork, well...

Fish Vortex!

Family vacations are weird, no matter what.

No, if you water them they just grow!

Seaweed, I believe

And you think YOU get stuck in traffic for a long time.

Hey, when the boots get hot, what can you do?

That's gotta suck.

Middle East rodeo

OK, easily the cutest kid I've seen this week.

"Thank you for buying the BurnFast Racist Monument. Step One, place firmly..."
Yes, I know these are not actually KKK.

Man, how much do you have to piss someone off that they throw a bucket of shit through the window on your Mercedes?

The Bowl-Cut Mullet™: Have the Worst of Both Worlds!

Yeah, somehow, we don't think you're cool. Go cry some mayo tears.

"Just walk casually...nothing to see here, officer..."

Entrance to my future lair

Time to wash the car.

Great job watching the kids, Uncle Dipshit.

You guys have a great weekend, I certainly plan to do so!
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