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Must-See Movies

So, let me lay this one on you, cats: Sita Sings The Blues.

When I heard about this flick, I thought, OK, could be good, why not. I'll Netflix it, and if it's anything less than good, it's not like I'm out any cash. It showed up today, so I popped it in. Any doubt I may have had about it should be wrapped around a bat, so I can be hit over the head with it. Loved it, I really did.

It's a retelling of the Indian story, The Ramayana. It's also a telling of the creator/director/animator/producer/every-other-damn-thing-er's relationship falling apart, which sounds like it should be a chick-flick but isn't. It's interesting and engaging, and I found myself quickly engrossed in it. To add to the mix, much of the film uses blues recordings of Annette Hanshaw from the 20's, and somehow, they fit perfectly.

Multiple animation styles weave the stories together nicely, each allowing its part to stand out from the whole (her story is very basic, very comic-strip; Sita's story looks more like traditional Indian art; the narration looks like shadow puppets; the songs are very web-flash). Parts are serious, parts are silly, parts are fantastic, parts are human. It doesn't dwell on any one thing, but each becomes a necessary part of the experience.

On top of all of this: it's free. Watch it online. Show it to others. Hell, I think you can even download it for free to your damn iPhone. Go on, she tells you, first thing on the page, to go for it. Sure, if you want to buy a DVD, that's groovy, and she'll thank you for the support (the whole project was fan-supported). There are some other bits of merchandise, too (I just bought the soundtrack, it was well worth it). By all means, though, feel free to, as she says, "copy, share, publish, archive, show, sell, broadcast, or remix" it.

Above all? Watch it.
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