God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

So, Ramble Time

The used to be an "EarthLink" community here on LJ...the members were mostly employees, who bitched about the place! Well, today, here at work, we (the whole company, not just LJ users) got an e-mail from the head honcho of the Customer Service division, telling us that she had just seen this community and was "discouraged". LOL...well, maybe if we weren't so annoyed at things, we wouldn't need a place to vent like that.

They set up, not too long ago, a "forum" (read "messageboard") for all of us. Oh, yeah, sure. We're all such corporate stooges that we want to post all the things we like about this place...screw those "happy" rooms. And like we don't have faster ways of finding information and asking questions...screw the "informational" rooms. The only thing we lack is a place to say what we are NOT happy about...and do you HONESTLY think we are gonna vent in a place that is ADMITTEDLY monitored by the corporate watchdogs??? They see no complaints, then, and figure things are going well...but when complaints come up, watch out and wear your helmet. You'll get told why that situation is not bad...or you'll be told that your complaint is not going to be listened to unless you also suggest a solution (if we had those, there would be no complaint), or you will be labeled a rabble-rouser and a revolutionary.

Apparently, though, this mail, etc., must have gotten too hot for the owners, as they chose to take it down, and move it to more 'underground' environs. Not a bad idea, I suppose.

Damn this place...once again, glad I'm leaving.

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