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I love having people over, we know this. Usually, that means someone just to hang out, or a crowd for some silly reason to party. Then, there's times like tonight, when I have someone over, specifically to cook for them. I dunno, I just like making a meal and enjoying company for it (this is different from 'I'm barbecuing for 15 people' kinda of meal, you dig).

Right now, I'm relaxing for a moment and just appreciating the feel of everything being either made or prepped and ready to cook. Salad made (greens, mushrooms, cheese, basil/herb vinaigrette), pasta made (radiatore with creamy Caesar sauce), and everything ready to start cooking for the Two-Pepper Chicken (peppers sliced, tomatoes chopped, chicken chopped and seasoned). Even have a bottle of wine ready to open (Gewürztraminer, natch).

A feeling of accomplishment, and it's not even time to start cooking. Hell, I even set the table. Groove on that! veiravx and daemonwise should be here any time now.
Tags: food porn, friends

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