God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Calling It "Milkshake" Was Probably Vetoed

Yes, I know about "Boobquake", and yes, I fully support it. I know full well that this kind of religious fuckery comes from overly vocal minorities in any religion, and that most people are good, decent folk; that's part of why I support openly mocking those minorities, so that they can be shown for the ass-hats they are. Maybe we can even get more of the normal religious folks to step up and say "hey, man, you are really bad for the movement, maybe you should shut the fuck up."

So, yeah, I fully support today's action, in the name of "let's calm down and stop being so fuckin' stupid." I also support anything that gets more breasts in the open, because, well, come on, everyone likes breasts. You can't keep those things locked up all the time, they need to breathe. Show off whatcha got, ladies, make the earth move. The idea is to be seen; God's watching, apparently! Show him you are appreciative of what He gave you!

And, you know, feel free to post pix. The rest of us are not quite so omnipresent.

EDIT: I just discovered that today is the birthday of Charles Richter, creator of the Richter Scale of earthquake intensity. Planned or not, it's a perfect bit of timing.
Tags: event, lust, mockery, religion

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