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I wake up damn near every morning with one line of a song in my head. Sometimes it's a song I hate, which makes it worse, but regardless, it's stuck there until I can get something else going. All through trying to not get out of bed, then getting out of bed, morning ablutions, etc., I sing that one line over and over again and it drives me batty. Eventually, I open up DVM and get the music started in earnest, and that drives it hence from my brain...but I find that, whatever song I'm using to get things right, I tend to repeat a lot.

Yesterday, it was a mash-up of Röyksopp's "Happy Up Here" and Janet Jackson's "Pleasure Principle" (which is a damn fine mash-up, lemme tell you). Today, it's the Gipsy Kings' cover of "Hotel California". I'm up to a good half-dozen replays of it (yesterday, I lost count).

It's a little funny how much influence music plays in my life. I can't stand silence, it drives me crazy. It's like my brain runs in 8 different directions of thought at any given time (like you'd expect anything different from someone nicknamed "Chaos", huh?), but music can occupy 6 of them if I get it going, allowing me to focus on whatever I'm doing. I have a radio on when I go to sleep (unless it's raining). On the flipside, music I do not enjoy can make me very, very twitchy. Sure, I can stand it, but I want to leave, change it, get my head right. It creates new pathways of clutter and noise, and that's not a good thing to add to an already split thought process.

Time to restart the song.
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