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Friday Pix

Sorry for the late post, I slept longer than usual last night. Fear not, here they come!

Her boobs smell like happiness!

Gimme that!


Passage to elsewhere

I'm gonna bet this doesn't get a lot of business

When the apocalypse hits, I'm gonna hole up here.

I think you're doing that backwards...

Sometimes, all you really want is the creme.

Mighty Michelle!

"OK, time for you all to get out of the pool, lunchtime!"

"Why don't you ever listen to me?"

Cat Family Portrait

Monkey Family Portrait

I think I'll just park in the driveway

Fred Flintstone is your golfing partner?

Every child needs a plush TARDIS


...da Hell?

OK, so, we have all our ingredients ready to go...

Verne Troyer is here?


Chocolate cake, icing noodles, Ferrero Rocher meatballs and a raspberry sauce. Too cool.

At least you know no one will get in your light.

There's a sexual reference here, but I think I'll leave that to your imaginations.

Well, for me, it's back to frustration over the house situation, etc. Man, I'll be glad when this is done. Have a great weekend, everybody!
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