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Ramblings / House Update

Seems like house stuff is all I'm posting, lately, that and random little things. I admit, the whole situation has me stressed right through the roof. I know it'll work out, one way or the other, but I hate being in the middle of a situation that is uncertain and which I cannot do a damn thing about (legally). It also means that small things that should just be annoying affect me twice as bad because I'm on edge. Yesterday, for instance, the management company had scheduled to come by and show the place to a potential renter. First they said 12:30, then changed to 3:30. OK, no problem, I cleaned up a little and made sure I wasn't otherwise occupied....and they never showed. Never called to say they were late or canceling. Come on, people, have a little professionalism.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of content. Mood has been a little lower than usual for a while, and I suspect that the house is a chunk of that. Another part is, well, being worked on, and will be over with in 6 weeks, regardless. A third part probably won't change, but a fourth part, if it comes to fruition, might change that. How's that for vague, huh? Ha!

OK, so, house stuff: Water and electricity are both off, now. When the water was turned off, she started to bathe in the hot tub, and ran a hose to the neighbor's place to fill it. Turns out that the guy there didn't know the situation, but his wife does, so when she came to do it again, she was turned away. So that's the end of that workaround. Anyway, the place is mostly empty now, so hopefully, that means she's getting out, I just wish she'd quit dragging her heels. I keep trying to tell myself that she very well might finish up everything this weekend and be done.


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