God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

House Update

OK, so, there's finally some concrete news.

Monday, the locks get changed. By Thursday the 20th the electricity should be back on. That day and the next, I'll go over there and start getting the garbage out (the place was mostly cleaned out, but there's some trash and junk left behind). That weekend, I'll take measurements, finish cleaning, etc. Tami will be out of town, but Monday, we'll finish up any further work that needs to be done (carpets might have to be replaced, which is why this is a little spread out).

Once all cleaning in done (and paint is dry), I'll move smaller stuff on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday (most likely), I'll get a U-Haul to move the big stuff. Yes, this'll be the day I'll want extra hands. I know it's during the day on a week day, and I know this means most of you that said you'd help may not be able to, and I understand, no worries. Just that, with the way things are now, I'll need that last weekend to clean the OLD place, so I don't want to wait until then to move. Anyway, if you CAN help, that'd be groovy. If not, no biggie.

So, yeah. The end is in sight...
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