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On and On and On...

Day 2, over. With Dusty and Emmy's help, we got all the closets and shelves done (except Erik's), all Di's art stuff, all my comics/figures/knives, lots of miscellaneous clutter and knick-knacks from the bedroom (because I can put them out of the way for now), and all of our clothes except for enough left over for the next few days.

Man alive...I have to keep reminding myself that there actually has been a lot moved, it's just stuff not out in the open. Hard to do all this work and look around and still see so much stuff. Tomorrow, I'm thinking of doing Erik's room and the kitchen, and probably the storage area under the stairs. Should be pretty easy, really. Might do the rest of our bedroom, too.

In non-moving news:
  • Hope your show goes well tonight, virgoqueen. I'd come out, but I simply do not have the energy.
  • Welcome home, daemonwise, hope your trip was fun.
  • I hate knowing someone has something to say to me and not knowing what it is. Probably nothing important, it's just a weirdness with me. Luckily, I have enough going on right now, so not gonna sweat it.
  • Speaking of saying things: sometimes, the innocent, relaxed version of something is easily as much fun as the meaningful version. Especially when it damn well could be either way. ;)
OK, I have a date with relaxation. Ain't moving fun?
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