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I dislike feeling like I'm being the 'heavy', but sometimes you have to stick to your guns and do what you feel is right. I'm not going into any further detail, but I'm no longer involved with the Two Gentlemen of Lebowski thing. I sincerely hope there are no hard feelings from anyone about it.

Right now, regardless of anything, I'm tired and I need rest. Four days of moving/packing/lifting/schlepping/etc. are piling up and taking their toll on me, and tomorrow is the "Move The Furniture By U-Haul" day, which means the heaviest, most unwieldy moving. Still, it should go just fine as it's not a lot of stuff, just bulky and heavy. I'll have No-LJ-Jasso and matrixleap to help me, and one of the Bad Girls after a couple hours. If all goes according to plan, we'll be done by midday, and then it'll be one quick sweep for the last knick-knacks in the house. Cleaning Friday/Saturday, and I'm out.
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