God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Weekend Wrap-Up

You know what? This has been a damn good weekend.
- Friday, i discovered that there's a chance that syrinakintari might come visit me in August. Words cannot express how cool that would be.

- Friday also got me back in touch with chaosreality. Not only was it good to see him, I got to see his littl'un, Logan, who is just the brightest-eyed little monkey ever.

- Friday night was a locationally-shifted Deadlands game. By itself that was cool, but the extra-long geekery convo beforehand was fun, too.

- Saturday was (what I suspect will be) the penultimate session of the long-running Kult game. Things progressed nicely, and I look forward to a haggard, fast-paced, boffo ending, next time.

- Saturday night was Di's birthday gathering. This meant a house full of people, and me on the grill, and most of you know that this is a little slice of heaven to me. Ribs and chicken, plenty of wine, and some great people. Kinda weird, too, as we mixed some friend groups on this one and everyone had a blast.

- Sunday was some relaxation and Warcraft (and, did I mention that i got Di playing, now? Bwah hahaha...mine is an evil laugh), followed by cleaning the place.

- Sunday afternoon evening saw chinadoll66102 coming over for movies and burgers, and it was entirely too much fun spending time with her. Hoping to have more of that in the near future.
A non-stop busy weekend, to be sure, but one that was filled with good friends, good times, and good feelings.
Tags: event, food porn, friends, gaming, warcraft

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