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skeets gave me 5 words that she associates with me...here's what they mean to me.

Gaming - As I just recently mentioned, I've now been gaming for 30 years. No surprise that it's pretty damn important to me, and very central to my entertainment. It's been said that it'd be a shorter list for me to mention the games I haven't played! Why did it click with me so much? Probably 2 facets: the creativity and the interaction. I don't have the kind of artistic skills to do sketching, painting, photography, sculpture, or other kinds of visual art. I can imagine what i want, but cannot translate that into reality. My creativity has always been mental, and writing has been a way to use it. Gaming, though, gave me the chance to take that enjoyment and share it in real-time. Sure, one can read my writing, but that takes time, and someone's gotta wait around. Gaming, though, lets me add my social desires into the mix, and brings in more input. It becomes more than it could have been, and it is enjoyed more for the shared nature.

Grilling - I like to cook. I'm not great at it, but I'm pretty good, and really, that's good enough for the things I like to cook. After all, I'm no gourmet, i just like to eat. My dad is probably responsible for getting me into grilling/barbecuing, which is funny because we didn't do it very often. Still, I can remember him digging a pit in the ground and slow-roasting a whole pig over 24 hours. I think some of it is also the social aspect of it. Kitchen cooking involves you in the kitchen, and unless the area is laid out right, you're kinda in there alone. Grilling, though, people tend to hang around, relax, and be part of it all. It may not seem like it, but I'm a very social animal. Besides, everyone loves good BBQ, in some form or another.

Voices - I didn't expect to see this one, here. I love my voice. I like to use it (which I know isn't shocking). I've done a lot of public speaking, performance, singing, theater, and whatnot over the years. In college, I ended up majoring in Radio Communications, with the intention of being on the air. I also was about to hook up with a group called Memphis Voice Professionals, but I dropped out of school and that was that. I've thought before that I'd like to do voices for cartoons; hell, Di and Erik used to come up with weird ideas to see if I could do a voice for it. Funny, that works back into gaming...

Laughter - I guess, along with the big voice, is the big laugh. I love to laugh, and will drop the guffaws anytime something strikes me funny. More important to me, though, is others' laughter. I like making people laugh, not necessarily out of silliness (though that happens), but more out of just happiness. Any day I can make someone laugh and smile is a good day for me. Like Steve Martin once said: "You've got to laugh once a day, because laughter is like sunshine and a day without sunshine is like...night."

Quotables - I swear, i wasn't thinking of this when I said the above. I guess I do that a lot, quote people. A lot of that is movies. Maybe it's the bit of writer in me, but great lines stick in my head. When those lines come from friends, that's even better, which is why I like to keep had_to_be_there at least somewhat updated. Then, of course, there's my 'quote list', where I note all the lines said by famous people that stand out to me. yes, i believe in making my own way and stating my own case, but sometimes, that bon mot hits you just right and you gotta share it, or at least keep it in mind.
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