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Relaxing home tonight. I was originally going to go to a gathering, but decided at the last minute to bail. just had a feeling my "alone in a crowd" was going to kick in. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I'd have been made to feel anything but welcome, and maybe I'm wrong, but I just didn't feel like taking the chance. besides, I'm sore from working in the yard yesterday, and kicking back right here sounds good.

Ordered a headboard for the new bed, should be here in less than a week. Looking forward to this, because the new bed extends in front of the window a little, and it makes it hard to sit up and read at night, and I keep catching the drapes in my hands at night. Speaking of drapes, Di made some for the front room. Not only do they block the harsh afternoon sun quite well, but they look good, too, and add a nice touch to the main room. Look at us, being all domestic and stuff.

In other news, we bought plane tix for Jessica to come out and see us for a while. You can imagine how happy this makes me. We'll have a lot of time (six weeks) to enjoy each other's company and get a feel for how things work. If I'm a little on the incommunicado side during that time, don't take it personally. I'll be, oh, a little occupied. ;)
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