God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Weekend Update

Friday was a little slow, not that I'm complaining. I'd have enjoyed that more, if things that were supposed to happen had happened (I'd been concerned up until last night, when new information showed me that someone is perfectly fine...now I'm just annoyed). They didn't, but I did get a ton more of Bioshock finished.

Saturday was the 2nd session of a new campaign. This one didn't go nearly as well as the start, and I put that down to a new player that doesn't seem to be on the same page as the rest of us. Not going into details in public, suffice it to say that this needs to be fixed or a change in roster made.

Sunday, was a bit of a BBQ at my place. chinadoll66102 had recently mentioned that she wanted to learn to make a good burger and host a BBQ, and I offered my place and grill. We had about a dozen people, all told, and good times were had. Met three new people, too, which is always a bonus. Finished the night off with a showing of The Haunted World of El Superbeasto and Krista's homemade apple pie. Also, I was told that on a scale of meat, I'm a steak, which I took as a cool compliment.

Monday was Erik's first sorta-day of school. Orientation and pep rally, actually, but still. Man, starting high school, where does the time go? Only other thing of note was him wanted to switch the older XBox 360 that's here for a newer one with internal wireless, so he could have it hooked to the network. This shouldn't have been a big deal, but we didn't know how to move game saves and profiles from one to the other. In the end, though, a couple back-and-forth trips with a flash drive handled it all easily.

13 days until Jessica arrives for 6 weeks. You might say I'm a tad on the excited side.
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