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Five More Words

This time, from kwsapphire...

1. Food/cooking - I love to eat. this should be obvious form my pudgy shape. Now, where I come form, eating together is more than a meal, it's an event. Maybe that's why I like having people over for dinner. That would be cool, but in the last several years, I've discovered that I enjoy cooking, too. Not something I ever thought would be my 'bag', but fun, regardless. It wasn't just making food, as I've always done that to one extent or another. I guess I just hit a time in my life when it clicked.

Now, I'm no chef. There are lots of my friends who are freakin' wizards in the kitchen, and who come up with things that just blow my mind. Can't compare, there, but I do like to do simple comfort food kinda cooking. Meals that aren't anything crazy or inventive, but which people enjoy just kicking back with. I do like to say I do great BBQ, and I believe that. true, I've never won Rib-Off, but like I said, I cannot compare to the inventive chefs in my circle of friends. Still, when it's all down to cases, I think I've got the mad grill skill, and no one ever says "That's not for me" or "Not to my taste."

2. Lovecraft (or chaos) - Oh, the agony of choice. Well, everyone knows my Love of 'Craft, so we'll mention Chaos.

Chaos has been the one thing I believed in, pretty much as long ago as I can recall. I don't buy in to deities. I give no credence to any controlling force. The only thing that ever made sense to me as a "creative force" behind it all was pure chaos. only something that had no boundaries could produce anything at all. Anything that had an edge would be limited. Even giving it that much of a "face" is too much, but the human mind has to grab hold of something. This is why my first tattoo was a Star of Chaos. It's the one Force I can believe in.

Does this mean I act as a chaotic force? No more actively than anyone else. I don't go out of my way to do chaotic things, in fact, I'd like to think that in my own way, I help to reorder that which was fallen into entropy by taking care of those around me. Perhaps that is my way of trying to be a balancing force in the universe.

3. Pets - I've almost always had a pet of some sort. Usually, that has been a cat, since they are low maintenance, but I have had a variety, over the years. Rats, mice, ferret, dogs, fish...I like water and fish, but the maintenance is a lot. I miss my rats. Mostly, though, I want a dog again. The dog I had when I left Memphis was the sweetest thing, a black lab/chow mix named Cleopatra. Now that I have a home with a yard, I'm hoping to have a dog again in the near future, but we'll see. Gotta get back to working, of course, and there's the fact that Di is very allergic to fleas, which makes it hard to have a pet that goes both indoors and out. Maybe one day, if I'm lucky enough. Until then, I'll be satisfied with my neurotic cat, Bettie Page.

4. Travel - I've never been a big traveler. I'm just a big homebody that isn't much into the tourist thing. I don't dig on being stuck in a car for long periods of time, so road trips are not a lot of fun. The airport is a DMZ, these days, so air travel is annoying. Trains are good, but again, the time involved and the expense of being somewhere means I'd rather just stay home. It can be fun to see people but, after a few days, I'm ready to be back in the comfort of my own house.

One day, however, I'd like to see some international spots. British Isles (bloodlines, you know), Australia, Thailand. Getting the money and time to do it, may never happen, and there's always the part that says "and when you get there, then what?", which is usually where I opt to say "screw it."

5. Athletics/Sports - I grew up as a nerd and a geek. I was never into sports or athletics. My mom didn't want me to spend the summer just "hanging around the house", so I was always signed up for Little League...where I was ridiculed for being useless. In baseball, I was always right field, because it was where the ball was least likely to go. In soccer, I was a fullback, so I was only needed when everyone was down near our goal, and I was less likely to be depended on. I hated sports, and they never seemed to get that. To this day, I don't give a rat's ass about sports, and I don't really get why anyone else does, but, hey, that's your thing, go for it.

Later in life, I got into martial arts, and that was OK, for a few years of high school. Still, physical achievement was not a goal I had, so it wasn't near and dear to my heart or anything. I preferred the exercise of the mind, and I'll always be bothered that it gets so little recognition in society while physical athletes are famous and seen as "heroes".
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