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Why the Hell am i awake at 5am? Actually, I've been awake since 3, but I suppose that's not terribly important.

Last few days have seen me in a whirlwind of activity. Been a little crazy, actually, and I think Di and Jessica have been amused at watching me go into "get shit done" mode. Friday was several little things, and then I got so tired I opted to take a short nap. Woke up with more time to spare than I thought, but I let that get away from me. By the time Dusty came to pick me up for the game at Mike's, I was in the middle of eating dinner, I had to gather things, and I was trying to get it all done in a hurry. That led to me scarfing half of my dinner in about 15 seconds, handing the other half off to J & D, accidentally pulling my screen door off the track, tossing it aside, catching it on the way down with one foot to not knock it over, tearing through the house grabbing things, giving a sweeping goodbye to them both and was out the door in seconds.

Today, I'd said I would help Dara move to her new place. Once I go there, she put me in charge of the actual truck loading, and I dove into that with efficiency. Furniture, boxes, all the usual stuff, plus some crazy unwieldy things (like there always are), across town, unload and get everything in the new house. 2 hours, tops. Luckily, no one sat around useless. Also got to exercise the "uncle magic", as Merddynn used to call it, with one of the other helper's young daughter. I loves me the kids.

The rest of the day has been some wild fluctuations of emotional moments. I feel good about being able to help handle them all, as it really does make my day to keep D & J smiling and happy. Of course, this last one was at 3 flippin' AM, and now I can't sleep, but hey, the things we do for those we love, right? I'll nap later. Meanwhile, Jessica made me brownies last night, and I think I've earned a late-night/early morning snack.
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