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So I discovered that Chamblin has a LJ of her own now, probably got the idea through my friend cheaps1utsavior. Maybe not, I dunno. Actually, I'm not worried about her reading this. It's my thoughts, and my place to rant, vent, rejoice, et cetera, and I won't tone that down for anyone. Besides, we have actually been speaking amicably again, as of the last week or so, which I am actually glad for. I stand by everything I've said about her, but I still didn't want us to be at each other's throats like that. We didn't work out, and that's just the way things are sometimes. You move on. So, go say hey to my ex, velvetacidgrrrl.

Next session of the game is tonight. This initial adventure is sorta a 'trial by fire', allowing me to figure out who I want to have around for further gaming and who is not being invited back. I'm picky about my gamers, I admit. And I can already tell that I won't have Jeremy back. He has a chance to calm down, I suppose, but if he keeps up like he has, he's out. Lisa, I'm not sure about yet, she seems to be on the ball, but a little bossy (not to me, to the group), doesn't sit too well with me. Alice, well, yeah, she's in, as are Eric and Brandon. Charlie, I think I want him around, he has an interesting approach to his character that I like, and seems to be on the ball.

Rob Zombie is working on his next album and gearing up for another US tour....can't wait for that. Liz Phair is supposedly working on a new album...sweet. Leonard Cohen will release his first studio album in 9 fuckin' years...tres faboo. It'll be a good year for music....

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