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It's been a crazy week, man. Not bad, really, in the end. Things could be a helluva lot worse, and I'm glad they aren't.

- swanwhite and I are still on good terms, and have made sure that we will stay that way.
- I've been slacking off on getting my resume written, but I've found some things that'll help and gotten some other info from gatorclix that will help a lot, too.
- foomf should come by in the next couple days to get his treadmill back. It's been nice having it but I don't have a clue where I'll end up or what kind of space I'll have. Glad to know this won't be an issue.
- veiravx got a rollaway bed from me, long ago, and it turns out that she still has it but no longer needs it. That worked out well, so I'll have a bed here soon. If she's available to bring it up Saturday, cool, if not, maybe one of you guys with a truck could be convinced to pick it up and bring it to me? I can't offer anything right now, but I'll give ya an IOU for dinner.

Thanks again, friends. I'm holding up just fine and this is not a bad situation, all things considered, but I really, really appreciate all the support I've gotten from people. It means a lot to me.
Tags: a day in the life, divorce, friends

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