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Another weekend that wavered between mania and downtime.

- Slept OK (yay for a bed!), but presently sicker than before. Ugh.
- Talked more with Dianna, and developments in her life are making things even smoother between us. Needless to say, I'm happy and supporting this for several reasons. Not only is it something more along the lines of what she wants and needs that I could not provide, but I feel less like I need to hold back my own pursuits. I really think this will go fine.
- Kind of a weird feeling at home. Feels like the dorm room days: small bed in the corner, TV at the foot of it, clothes packed into whatever space I can get, bathroom and kitchen down the hall. not bad, just weird.
- Long IM chat with tattooedlady this morning. Man, I love the Internet. Random chatting to Japan. Cool.
- Missing numerauko something fierce. Again, hooray for the Internet, which makes keeping close contact on a constant basis so much easier.

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